At Uptown Pokies Casino, we prioritize your satisfaction and encourage responsible gaming. As such, we kindly remind you to always play with caution. While online casino games can be highly enjoyable, staying in control of your actions is important. Should you face any challenges, we're here to assist you, but please note that our platform is solely intended for entertainment and should not be viewed as a source of income. Ultimately, the decision to gamble is entirely up to you, and we recommend establishing a limit on potential losses before beginning to play.

To assist our players in gambling responsibly, we have provided the following information.

  • Set a Budget
  • Self-exclusion
  • Keeping Control
  • Do you have a problem?
  • Getting Help
  • Underage Play

Set a Budget

We are more than happy to assist you in setting up restrictions on your gaming budget. Please note that Uptown Pokies Casino has the right to prohibit any player who may have a gambling problem from accessing our casino.


On request we will close a customer's account for a minimum period of 6 months, during which time it will not be possible for the account to be re-opened for any reason. During this period of self-exclusion, we will not distribute any promotional emails and do all we can to prevent new accounts from being opened.

To activate the self-exclusion feature, kindly send an email to our Customer Support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They are always available to assist you.

Keeping control

Whilst most people gamble within their means, for some it can spiral out of control. To help you keep control, we would like you to remember the following.

  • Gambling should be entertaining and not seen as a genuine way of making money
  • Avoid chasing losses
  • Only gamble what you can afford to lose
  • Keep track of the time and amount of money you spend gambling
  • If you need help, use the deposit limits and time limits in the player protection page to control the amount you can spend
  • If you need to have a break from gambling then you can use our exclusion options within the player protection section
  • If you need to talk to someone about problem gambling, then contact one of the organizations listed below.

Do You Have a Problem?

Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do you stay away from work, college or school to gamble?
  2. Do you gamble to escape from a boring or unhappy life?
  3. When gambling and you run out of money, do you feel lost and despair and need to gamble again as soon as possible?
  4. Do you gamble until your last penny is gone, even the bus fare home or the cost of a cup of tea?
  5. Have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money or time you have gambled?
  6. Have others ever criticized your gambling?
  7. Have you lied, stolen or borrowed just to get money to gamble or to pay gambling debts?
  8. Are you reluctant to spend 'gambling money' on anything else?
  9. Have you lost interest in your family, friends or interests?
  10. After losing, do you feel you must try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
  11. Do arguments, frustrations or disappointments make you want to gamble?
  12. Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling?

The more you answer 'yes' to the above questions, the more likely you will have a serious gambling problem. Please consider assistance from any one of the following organizations.

Getting Help Contact Details



Underage play

Please note that it is against the law for individuals who are underage in their jurisdiction to create an account or gamble at Uptown Pokies Casino. We have implemented measures to prevent underage individuals from accessing our casino, including software that prevents those under the age of 18 from registering.

However, no system is foolproof, and at Uptown Pokies Casino, we recommend that if underage individuals have access to a computer with internet access, you take care to keep your account numbers, usernames and PIN passwords confidential and that you do not leave children unattended around your computer while you are using our website.